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Seven Reasons Classic Car Appraisal is a Must

Most of us have heard the horror stories. Protect your investment now!

1) If there is a fire in your garage the home owners policy will not pay replacement value.

2) If your in an accident the insurance will not pay replacement value.

3) G-D forbid your marriage or life should end. Nevertheless make sure your classic car value is documented so you and your heirs are protected!

4) An appraisal will help when the time comes to sell your classic car. The market value is documented by a neutral third party the prospective buyer can contact to verify your claims.

5) Bank and Finance companies can use the appraisal to establish the value of your classic for loan purposes.

6) Should you decide to do so, IRS requires an appraisal for your classic car donation to charity.

7) Pre-purchase appraisal removes the guess work. It can protect you against paying more than the classic is worth, and establish the classic cars actual condition.

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