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1947 Hudson Super 8

offered for sale by Affordable Classics Inc.



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Right Side

Left Side


Front Seat

Back Seat

 Drivers Door Panel

Passenger Door panel








This gorgeous award winning 1947 Hudson Super 8 is simply one of a kind.

The body, floor boards, doors, hood, fenders and trunk lid were near perfect metal, and not one pin hole of rust was found.

 The drivetrain and suspension were original, tight, and like new condition, with one inch of play in the steering.

The original suspension components and rubbers were all tight and in super condition.

All the internal working mechanisms such as door springs, door locks, latches, regulators and dash components were as new condition with minimal signs of wear and tear. The doors shut firm with gentle ease just like a new Hudson.

 The seat springs have minimal wear and tear, and the original asbestos heat wrap was still fully intact on the front tailpipe with the original bands in place. We found the brake drums were honed and polished to a mirror shine, something we’ve never seen before, and may have been done from the factory, but have not been able to verify.

all vin numbers matching which are found on the body vin tag, engine, rear & cross member of the frame, and rearend housing.

The motor was torn down, only to find it had been freshened up not long ago. The clearances were all good, and the piston rings were newer and pliable.

The Goodyear-Hudson foam seat cushion tag was still intact, and the original 1947 dealer installed bumper sticker & state window decals were in timeless condition... 

The Build:

This award winning 1947 Hudson Super 8 is not only a museum piece, but also a work of art that captures the essence of the Art Deco era…

This Hudson  Super 8 could very well be one of the finest  restored Hudson’s in existence today.

No expense was spared in this nut & bolt frame off 1600 hour restoration, right down to reproducing the original ‘Do it in a Hudson’ bumper sticker.

For those who have not performed a frame off restoration on a Hudson, I’ll be the first to tell you, it is a far more difficult and labor intensive restoration than other cars of the era.     

Restoration hard costs were $48,000, and Labor costs were $104,000 dollars.

The frame off – nut & bolt restoration of this one of a kind  1947 Super 8 was a tribute to the Hudson Motor Car Company.

Top to bottom restoration of this immaculate Hudson included a full inside and out refinish of the body, frame and hundreds of small parts. The frame and components were disassembled, sanded, and wire brushed for smooth texture, than primed with high build urethane, than finished with 4 coats of satin black urethane paint.

The frame was then reassembled, replacing all brake hoses  wheel cylinders, motor and trans mounts, seals, shocks, body to frame mounting pads, etc.

The engine was disassembled, the head was tanked, the cylinders honed, the manifolds were planed and repaired the carburetor, starter, and generator were gone through, new belt, hoses, the radiator was recored, new Narragansett   reproduction wiring harness was installed, a new engine    gasket kit, and a new upgraded 8 volt battery which works excellent with the original autolite 3rd brush generator and   vibrating regulator.

The transmission was inspected, cleaned and refinished, flywheel refaced, with new wet cork faced clutch assembly and thro-out bearing installed.

All dash components were gone through including the  speedometer, the heater box was dissembled in pieces and refinished, and the radio was sent out for a complete overhaul.

The air plenum was removed and refinished which was not only bolted to the firewall, but also welded.

Everything works excellent with exception of the self wind dashboard clock which has a mind of its own.

All body & body parts were refinished individually in urethane base & 2 coats of high solids clear. The only prior repair was found to the left front fender in which the repair was done professionally with hammer, dolly and file long ago before bondo. There was a minimal amount of filler used in the restoration of this car. The interior was insulated top to bottom with thermozite sound deadener.

All 124 exterior trim pieces were polished, straightened and/or replated.

The sunvisor was hand fabricated out of metal with hidden brackets. It looks and feels authentic and era correct, and is simply over the top…  

The hubcaps were also hand fabricated and hand refinished in the art deco Hudson logo.

The windshields and side glass were cut in bronze to accentuate the gorgeous woodgrain dash and colors.

All door felts, seals, door cards, firewall panels, windshield & rear glass gaskets, headliner and a ton of other stuff are new.

The interior seat and door coverings were done in a close match of the original Hudson woolen material, with the Hudson logo embroidered on each door, trunk, and below the heater box.

The dash, instrument housings and window frames were all done in a 25 coat dark woodgrain process with 2 coats of high solids clear applied.


 Considerable time was applied in getting the 2 tone original pastel colors just right, the depth of the woodgraining, and specifically the depth of the clear coat, as well as implementing art deco modifications that appear period correct, and accentuate the overall original beauty of Hudson styling...

The 47’ Hudson Super 8 won the two top awards, ‘Best of Show’ & ‘Owners Choice’ at the prestigious Lake Oswego, Oregon car & boat show on August 28, 2016.

It is fresh… Only 148 miles since completion of the restoration.


Post Restoration:

Final adjustments listed below need to be completed.

1)            Front end alignment.

2)            Change fluids, rearend, gear case, engine oil.

3)            Clutch adjustment.





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